Media Buying

In today’s digital-first world, people use their computers, phones and tablets for hours on end in the course of each month. As a result, advertisers have rushed to advertise on mobile, spending over one trillion dollars in ad requests each month. Advertisers must ensure that they grab consumers’ attention with solid calls-to-action, compelling design, and copy that draw users’ eyes to their campaign and turns them into avid customers.

One trillion ads is a lot. But if you’re an advertiser, it’s also a goldmine. It means that you have a massive audience of potential customers who will be looking at your ads. And it means you need to focus on how to get more of those ads in front of the right people.

We will show you how to take advantage of publisher and advertiser incentives, guarantee visibility across all screens, engage in web buy-side through private marketplace deals, and negotiate best-in-class rates by leveraging mobile and video. Our personalized services are centered on, but not limited to:


Our well-versed team will create meaningful engagement with our audience through the deliberate use of consistent messaging paired with natural connections to our editorial content. The result is meaningful relationships that lead to sales. By embedding a both quantitative and qualitative research, we will custom-tailor your buyer persona through extensive segmentation and intent profiling to ensure your brand is in front of who matters for your goals.

Ad Bidding

A new ad needs a different strategy. Global Media Group is experienced in iterative keyword bidding, which will deliver the right ads to the right audience. Leverage our expertise in bid and budget elasticity, outranking competitors at every turn. We are the only decision you should make to empower your marketing efforts and drive the sales your brand deserves.’

Ad Analytics & Optimization

Data-driven marketing relies on accurate reporting, so campaign performance is understood–top to bottom. Our advertising experts leverage advanced technology to dive into the data and surface all that matters for a successful brand. Learn how we define success and target your ideal customer with layered optimization to bring you the results you need.

Media Strategy

If you are planning on doing digital marketing, you have some strong players in the industry like Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But their advertising models are quite crude and can be easily gamed by spammers, so that most marketers don’t benefit from them. Plus, many of their tools require a level of knowledge (and lack of enough time) to successfully manage your ads. We are the solution to this problem. We do media-buying services for many companies with different sizes of organizations and our work is highly effective for both leads generation and brand advocacy.